Key Issues

Effective and Actionable

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Improving Transportation in our Communities

Kymberly has worked tirelessly for years to improve transportation on the West Side.   Her priorities include repaving roads, fixing potholes, and creating alternative modes of transportation so that residents can avoid sitting in traffic.

Kymberly continues to  work to better utilize other modes of transportation for Leeward residents including The Bus and road improvement projects. Kymberly believes that the Leeward Coast needs a multi-pronged approach to solve traffic congestion, including job creation on the West Side so residents can work close to home. She feels that all Leeward residents have a right to not waste time in long commutes so they can enjoy more hours with family.

Waianae Coast Emergency Access Road – In April 2015, when an accident on Farrington Highway left Waianae Residents stuck in traffic for hours, Kymberly immediately took action.  She soon introduced legislation which requested the City to develop a comprehensive plan for improving access to the Waianae Coast Emergency Access Road, including the placement of signage along the route and the renegotiation of license terms with private landowners upon whose land the WCEAR lies.  In 2016, she successfully added $3 million in the City’s budget, alongside of $3 million from the State, to used for the land acquisition, planning and design for an extension of the Waianae Coast Emergency Access Road.

Adding new Leeward Bus Routes – Residents reached out to Kymberly regarding overcrowded buses on the West Side in the early morning.  One resident noted that from her Kapolei to town commute at 4:30 a.m. every morning, she had to stand all the way until she gets off— this was unacceptable to Kymberly.  In response, the City has now added an additional 3:48 a.m. Route 93 Bus that runs from Makaha to Downtown Honolulu.

Fixing our Roads – Many Leeward residents had waited decades for the roads in their communities to repaved.  Responding to the community’s concerns, Kymberly introduced legislation which shined light on long-delayed road safety and maintenance improvements on roads in District One.  These resolutions urged the City to reevaluate and streamline its process for accepting road, sewer and drain improvements.

Since adopting the two resolutions in February 2015, the City has streamlined the acceptance of roads and infrastructure on the Leeward coast, and has dedicated or is in the process of turning over more than 70 subdivision improvements in District One.

Improving Rail Project Oversight- Kymberly is committed to improving the oversight of the Rail Project by requesting more public meetings for rail finances and ensuring that Rail will serve our Leeward families commuting to town.

Reducing Traffic Congestion – Kymberly’s Hire Leeward Initiative of Connecting Leeward Residents with Leeward Jobs is an effort to create quality job opportunities in our District so our residents can reduce traffic congestion by working closer to home.

Her annual  “Hire Leeward Job & Career Fair” connects a variety of job companies and Leeward job seekers.  Residents have cut their commute time by 85% after finding a job closer to home.



Fixing and Restoring our Parks

The cornerstone of a healthy community is strong families. Kymberly believes all Leeward families should have a clean and safe place to play. The current condition of City parks on the West side is unacceptable. Many parks are left in disrepair and residents cannot experience them without worry.  Kymberly has continued to fight to ensure our Parks staff have the appropriate funds to maintain clean and working parks because a community that plays together stays together.

As Chair of the Park’s Committee, Kymberly is a strong advocate for revitalizing the parks that we cherish every day.  Kymberly has worked hard to spearhead her “Adopt-a-Park” initiative which aims to create partnerships between the City and residents, community groups and business owners to fix the parks in our communities.

Nānākuli Beach Park rededication as Kalanianaʻole Beach Park – Restoration of the park’s original name was performed on March 26, 2016 on behalf of Nānākuli residents who expressed a desire to honor the late Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalaniana‘ole Pi‘ikoi.

Oneula Beach Park Community Care Project – Oneula Beach Park is the jewel of the Ewa Beach community and Kymberly’s priority is to ensure that this park is clean and safe for our residents.  On September 26, 2015, Kymberly held a Community Care Project event in which ʻEwa Beach residents had the opportunity to walk the park, hear stories about the history, and learn the legacy of the park from longtime community members.

In 2016, Kymberly added $1,000,000 to the City’s Budget Amendments for planning, designing, constructing and investigation master plan and field irrigation system

Makaha Community Park Rededication – In partnership with local organization Active Hawaii, Kymberly spearheaded a revitalization project for Makaha Community Park.  With the help of volunteers and sponsors, the community received a restored comfort station, new plants, and a blessing of the park.



Preserving our Outdoor Spaces

Kymberly has continued to fight to ensure that our Leeward Coast does not get treated as a dump site.  She is firmly opposed to adding new landfills on the Leeward Coast.  Throughout her time at the City Council, she passed legislation to urge the closure of the Waimanalo Gulch Sanitary Landfill.  She believes that it is time that other communities share the burden of storing our island’s waste. Kymberly also passed an Environmental Justice Bill Package to fight illegal dumping from happening in our district.

Kymberly is also a strong advocate for fighting illegal dumping from taking places in our communities.  She has spearheaded a bulky item awareness campaign which included new law that targets the actual dumpers with hefty fines.



Community Connections

The heart of our Leeward communities is our people.  Kymberly strongly believes in building strong connections within our communities so that we can foster a warm, positive environment for everyone to live in.

Kymberly meets with residents daily to talk story and to find ways in which she can continue work to improve the quality of life for our ohana and keiki.  Kymberly’s Community Connections meetings have hosted a variety of residents and business owners and provided them with updates on new businesses, road and transportation improvements, affordable housing, capital improvement projects and jobs.



Improving Quality of Life for our Leeward Residents

Kymberly understands that the costs of living in Hawaii are too high. Especially in tough economic times, hardworking families should not have to sacrifice so much for everyday necessities like food and gas. As a board member and former staff member of U.S. VETS homeless veterans shelter, she has long been a champion for those in need and believes that government should let folks keep as much of their paychecks as possible to provide for their families.



Public Safety and Cyber Crime

Kymberly has been a victim advocate for 15 years. She has appeared on television, radio and in print news giving advice and assistance to crime victims. Her experience as a victim of cyber stalking and harassment motivated her to develop internet security partnerships with the military, law enforcement, and the University of Hawaii to develop a cyber crime graduate degree to grow local talent in Hawaii. She has formed nationwide partnerships with victim advocates in law enforcement and the legal community. As city councilwoman, she will advocate for more funding for the Honolulu Police Department to expand its cyber crime unit and to increase its police force for white collar crime.